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Client: Bosideng

November 2019​

How do you get the world to care about the future of outerwear?

For over 40 years, Chinese outerwear company Bosideng has been one of the leading down clothing brands in the Asian market. But in the ever-satured fashion world, longevity is not enough. Not only do tastes change, but so does culture. Bosideng needed to re-evaluate it's coolness.


How do you do this? By utilizing heritage as a springboard to the future. 


Enter: NASA.

We went straight to the top and engaged with the czars of space exploration, NASA, to help celebrate NASA's 60h anniversary, with a nod to the future.

We helped research and incorporate fabric from real spacesuits.

Fabrics such as Nomex, Aluminzed Mylar, Dacron, Urethane Coated Nylon and Nylon Tricot were tested to see what would help give Bosideng some differentiation, but with a coolness that went beyond basic fashion.


And then...

Space magic. Where other clothing companies would showcase seasonal drab, Bosideng was able to include real science into their outerwear.

A blueprint for fashion integration for the future, and a bridge closer to marrying space and culture.

Ever heard of

Scarlett Johansson?


An Avenger with style.


To be the face of Bosideng x NASA collab, we got Black Widow herself.


As the collection starts to roll out throughout Asia and the rest of the world, there are additional events in the works.

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