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Client: BPSOS

September 2016

Sometimes it takes a sandwich to redefine a people.

In the eyes of many, wars typically define immigrants. With the Vietnamese in particular, they're stereotypically nice, quiet and thoughtful but largely viewed as "just refugees." In the years since, the Vietnamese as a people have been largely ignored.

At a time when the 2016 Presidential election was rife with racism and xenophobia, we helped BPSOS highlight what Vietnamese people have contributed to mainstream culture, and declared a Vietnamese-owned National Holiday.

Refugees bring with them more than you think.

They bring a rich history of food, art, music and a way of life so fascinating you have to witness it to believe it. It's as if this and American culture combined to create something new and incredible.



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Raise funds and support for immigrant charity BPSOS through a Vietnamese-owned National Holiday declaration,

banh mi festival and television spot declaring all Americans boat people.


Cr​eate a National Holiday in honor of the Vietnamese and bring awareness that we should be united,

because we are all boat people.


• Raised over $30,000 in one night

• Received national recognition

Welcome to Vietnamerica.

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